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T-ATS: Full Scope – Including Ship Design


  • T-AGS: Steerable Thrusters
  • LCS Independence Class: Waterjets and Shaft Seals
  • EPF: Waterjets and Shaft Seals
  • EPF 13: Autonomy Prototype
  • PSC: Shaft-line and Built-up Propeller
  • ESB: Fixed Pitch Propeller and Emergency Diesel Generator
  • TAO: EDG, Pumps, and Gearbox
  • R/V Sikuliaq-Icepod: Thrusters
  • INLS: Waterjets
  • MV Susitna: Waterjets
  • Egyptian Fast Missile Craft: Fixed Pitch Propeller
  • Virginia and Columbia Class: Seals